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BeatzCoin ICO

" BeatzCoin is a blockchain-based platform to interact with digital media. "

BeatzCoin will be adopted by a VibraVid platform. Creators can use the platform to upload, store, market, lease and sell their content. They can also crowdfund and sell merchandise or event tickets directly to their subscribers and fans. BeatzCoin and VibraVid are supposed to establish an ecosystem, where users could carry out P2P transactions and exchange goods and services through bounties and as prizes. BeatzCoin will be issued on the basis of Tron Network. BeatzCoin can be earned for performing certain actions: signing up, locking tokens, participating in bounties, watching ads, etc. Content creators will earn BeatzCoin when users watch and share their content.

Nov 01 , 2018
Feb 01 , 2019

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